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Sundarban Tour Packages

Book your Sundarban tour package with us and discover the fascinating wildlife, natural beauty, ancient villages and lush green forest in Sundarban near Kolkata. You can choose from 1, 2 or 3 days Sundarban tour packages as per your budget, requirement and interest in this amazing destination! We are an authorized tour operator in Sundarban, so you can expect us to provide quality services at affordable price! Just give us a call or drop an email and we will help you book the best Sundarban tour package with your preferred travel dates!

About Sundarban Eco Trip

At Sundarban Eco Trip, we offer carefully crafted and budget-friendly Sundarban package tours that let you discover the hidden treasures of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable travel experts ensure that every detail of your tour is taken care of, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the stunning beauty of Sundarban. 

We offer a wide range of Sundarban packages to suit every need and budget. From our popular Sundarban tour package 1 night 2 days, to longer tours that let you fully immerse in the beauty of the mangrove forest, we have something for everyone. Our Sundarban tour package cost is transparent and competitive, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

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Why Choose Sundarban Eco Trip

What do you get when you combine eco-tourism, one of the most beautiful areas in all of India, and quality customer service? You get more than a tour, you get an unforgettable experience! When you choose Sundarban Tour Packages, we not only give you the best prices in the market, but we also make sure that your stay in Sundarban will be filled with fun and excitement – just what you came looking for! So what are you waiting for? Make your reservations now!

Direction To Sundarban

Road-sundarban trip

By Road

Start your journey from Kolkata and head towards the Basanti Highway, which connects Kolkata with the Sundarbans. You can either drive your own vehicle or hire a taxi or private car from Kolkata. The distance between Kolkata and Godkhali, the gateway to Sundarbans, is approximately 100 kilometers, and the journey takes around 3-4 hours, depending on the traffic conditions.
Train-sundarban trip

By Train and Road

Take a train from Kolkata to Canning, which is the nearest railway station to Sundarbans. From Canning, hire a taxi or take a shared auto-rickshaw or cycle-rickshaw to reach Godkhali, which is around 30-45 minutes away.
Boat-sundarban launch tour

By Waterways

One of the most popular and scenic ways to reach Sundarbans is by waterways. From Kolkata, you can take a ferry or a boat from various jetties along the Hooghly River, such as Babughat, Sonakhali, or Namkhana, to reach Godkhali or other entry points in the Sundarbans. The duration of the journey varies depending on the type of boat and the specific route, ranging from 3-4 hours to overnight journeys.
Tour-sundarban tour

Organized Tours and Packages

Another convenient option is to book organized tours and packages that offer transportation from Kolkata to Sundarbans. These tours provide all-inclusive packages with transportation, accommodation, meals, and guided excursions within the Sundarbans. You can choose from a variety of options, such as government-operated tours, private tours, or luxury cruises, depending on your preferences and budget.

Our Amenities

Discover our top-notch amenities: comfortable accommodations, exquisite dining, guided tours, Wi-Fi, attentive staff, and a focus on sustainability. ✨🌿

Breakfast Included

Scrumptious, diverse breakfast included for a great start to your day


Paid Parking is available on Godkhali. Contact us to know more.


Immaculate, well-maintained toilets with modern fixtures for your comfort
Stethoscope-sundarban tour

Doctor on Call

Our 'Doctor on Call' amenity ensures immediate, 24/7 medical assistance, prioritizing your health during your stay.

24*7 Services

Dedicated 24/7 service, providing assistance and meeting guest needs around the clock


Top-notch security measures, creating a safe and worry-free environment

Top places visit in Sundarbans

Sundarban National Park-Sundarban travel agency in kolkata

Sundarban National Park

The Sundarbans National Park is an expansive coastal mangrove forest that straddles the borders of India and Bangladesh.

Sajnekhali-sundarban tour

Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary

Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary: a biodiversity hotspot in Sundarbans, home to diverse flora and fauna.

Burirdabri-Sundarban launch tour

Burirdabri Forest Camp

Burirdabri Forest Camp: tranquil retreat amidst Sundarbans, offers wildlife encounters and nature exploration.

Sundarban boats-Sundarban launch tour

Sajnekhali Watch Tower

Sajnekhali Watch Tower: prime wildlife observation spot, panoramic views of Sundarbans' diverse ecosystem.

sundarban island-sundarban tour

Haliday Island wildlife

Halliday Island wildlife: pristine habitat for endangered species, including tigers and saltwater crocodiles.

karamjol-sundarban trip


Karamjol: picturesque spot in Sundarbans, famous for its crocodile breeding center and sanctuary.

Sudhanyakhali Camp

Sudhanyakhali Camp: serene base in Sundarbans, perfect for wildlife sightings and nature immersion.

Dobanki Watch Tower-sundarban tour

Dobanki Watch Tower

Dobanki Watch Tower: elevated vantage point, ideal for observing Sundarbans' rich wildlife and landscape.

Mangrove Interpretation Centre

Mangrove Interpretation Centre: educational facility showcasing Sundarbans' unique mangrove ecosystems and conservation.

Netidhopani-sundarban trip


Netidhopani: ancient temple ruins amidst Sundarbans, offering wildlife spotting and cultural intrigue.

sunset-sundarban tour

Backpackers Sundarbans Eco-Village

Backpackers Sundarbans Eco-Village: sustainable, community-driven retreat for nature enthusiasts and responsible travelers.

Crocodile safari-sundarban trip

Bhagabatpur Crocodile Sanctuary

Backpackers Bhagabatpur Crocodile Sanctuary: breeding center, refuge for endangered estuarine crocodiles in Sundarbans.


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Excellent tour operators of sundarban. Neat and clean boats and lodge. Foods are prepared in boats and served hot. Very well behaved staffs. Tour package justified.
Joydeep Dasgupta
Happy customer 3-sundarban tour
It's really a very nice experience on water body with boat along with breakfast, lunch, snacks. Any one can come to visit sundarban by on online booking through Sundarban Eco Trip.
Tushar Dey
Happy customer 2-sundarban tour
Best experience this time for Sundarban Eco Trip. Thank you so much for the best service . We are so happy, you guys are awesome. Thanks a lot again #Sundarban Eco Trip.
Taju Sk
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